Attention Medicaid Patients

  • On April 1, 2023, your MassHealth health plan will change to WellSense Boston Children's ACO.
  • Your PCP will now be affiliated with WellSense so MassHealth has enrolled you in the WellSense Boston Children's ACO plan, so that you can keep all your medical care here.
  • You don’t need to do anything as long as you want to keep your care with us.
  • There will be no change in benefits.
  • We will work with WellSense to coordinate your ongoing care.
  • WellSense will be sending you more information and ID cards over the upcoming weeks. Please review that information carefully.
  • Primary Care Providers listed on MassHealth Enrollment letters are based on data on file with MassHealth.

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In order to provide flexibility for our families, we accept most commercial insurances and participate in many managed-care plans.

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Amherst Pediatrics currently bills to many different insurance companies with many different plans. The options and coverages vary so considerably and are so numerous that we may not know the intricate details of each policy.

We urge you to become familiar with your own insurance so that you understand its rules, coverages, and limitations. All insurance companies have time limits for billing claims and HMO plans have especially strict and short filing limits. If the information that we use for billing comes directly from your insurance company via your child's insurance card, we have more success in meeting the filing limits and avoid having to transfer claims directly to you for payment.

A few tips that we believe will ensure that your insurance company pays the claims submitted by us on your behalf

  • When your baby is first born, call your insurance company as soon as possible to:
    • Add your new baby to your policy effective the date the baby was born
    • Designate an Amherst Pediatrics Physician as your baby’s PCP (primary care provider) effective as of the baby’s birth date
    • Write down the name of the representative that you speak with and note the date the conversation took place
    • If the representative gives you an ID number and /or a suffix write down the information carefully and stress that you want a card sent as soon as possible
  • As soon as you receive your child’s card and have verified that the information is correct, make a copy of both sides, put your child’s name and date of birth on the copy and send it to our billing office OR If your child has a visit in the near future, bring it with you and we will make a copy for our records.
  • If your insurance changes, please notify us as soon as possible with a copy of your new insurance card and the effective date of the new policy. Please remember to designate an Amherst Pediatrics Provider as the PCP for your child with the new insurance company
  • Most insurance companies will send an EOB (explanation of benefits) form to you about claims they are or are not paying. If you do not understand it or have any questions, call your insurance company as soon as possible.
  • In rare situations, usually in the case of newer vaccines, a managed care plan may not pay or only partially pay for a submission. In this situation we will bill you directly for the difference between the insurance allotment and our wholesale cost to purchase the medication.

Contact Us

Our Address
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Tel: (413) 253-3773
Fax: (413) 256-0215
Email: [email protected]

Patient Care Hours:
8:00 AM - 4:45 PM: In-office and MyChart Telehealth visits
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM: MyChart Telehealth visits only

8:00 AM - 12:00 PM: MyChart Telehealth visits only

* Please note: It is our policy that we do not approve referral requests for visits to outside urgent care centers during times that our office is open.

We are open for urgent visits only on most Holidays. However, our office is closed on the following holidays:

- New Year's Day
- Easter Sunday
- Memorial Day
- July 4th
- Labor Day
- Thanksgiving Day
- Christmas Day

For urgent concerns, you can always reach an on-call provider, even when our office is closed.