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HPV Vaccination Begins at 9 Years of Age
Amherst Pediatrics and Boston Children's Hospital now encourage routine immuniation of all children with the HPV vaccine beginning at 9 years of age. HPV is an important cancer prevention measure that is safe and extremely effective. If your child is 9 years of age or older and has not yet received the HPV vaccine, please call to schedule a catch-up vaccine appointment now.

Please note these changes to our normal office hours
► Monday-Friday 8:30AM-4:45PM for in-office as well as MyChart Virtual Visits
► Monday-Friday 4:45PM-7:00PM for after-hours MyChart Virtual Visits only
► Saturday 8:00 AM-12:00PM for MyChart Virtual Visits only

During these difficult times, Amherst Pediatrics strives to maintain the highlest level of care and service to our community. Because physical distancing is the single most important measure we can take to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, we ask you to please remain at home if you or your child is ill. If during regular office hours you have concerns about your child, please contact us by sending a message through the MyChart patient portal. Our providers will be able to respond to you during regular office hours. If your concern is urgent, please call the office directly rather than leaving a MyChart message.

We are able to assist you with some of your needs through the use of MyChart Virtual Visits. Please see below for information about how to prepare for a Virtual Visit through the MyChart patient portal.

If it is determined that you need to be seen in our office, we ask that you respect the following important safety recommendations:

► Do not come to our office if you have a fever or cough without calling ahead of time. If it is determined that you need to be seen in person, we will make arrangements to see you in a seperate location set apart from the main office area.
► We ask that minor children be accompanied by a single parent or guardian.
► Please wear your own mask or suitable alternative at all times when in our office. To protect our staff and others, you will not be permitted to enter our office suite without a mask or other suitbale covering over your nose and mouth.

The COVID-19 situation is ever unfolding. We are dedicated to the safety of our patients and staff. Please check our website frequently for updates on this changing situation.

Virtual Visits are here!
The single most important way to slow the spread of COVID-19 is through physical distancing. This is true whether you are ill or well. For this reason, Amherst Pediatrics is scheduling Virtual Visits to allow you to stay home when you are sick, while still being "seen" by one of our providers. Before you can be seen in a Virtual Visit, there are a few important things you need to do. Please click on the image below to learn more about preparing for and scheduing your Virtual Visit. Currently, Virtual Visits cannot be scheduled through MyChart. You will need to send us a MyChart message in order for us to assist you with making an appointment for a Virtual Visit. Please make sure you have the most current versions of both the Zoom and MyChart apps before starting your virtual visit.

Virtual Visits

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Welcome to Our Practice

At Amherst Pediatrics, our dedicated team of healthcare professionals is committed to providing excellent medical care, service, and guidance to families as their children grow from birth to young adulthood. We achieve this through a comprehensive, continuous and personal approach to advice, treatment, and support. We expect to be the “medical home” for your child, helping to coordinate all your child’s health care needs.

We aim to serve all families in the community regardless of social or economic status and with respect for cultural beliefs. We consider it a privilege to care for children and strive to do so in a kind and compassionate manner. Medical information is handled with the strictest confidence in accordance with legal guidelines, and with respect for our patients and their families.

Caring for our patients is a longitudinal team effort that begins with the telephone call, continues through the office visit, and extends beyond the visit to include close follow-up and management of all of their healthcare needs. The team approach is also very important when patients see someone other than their regular provider. Families can expect the same care from all of our providers. This care is based on agreed-upon treatment standards and facilitated by information sharing through our electronic health record.

Amherst Pediatrics is proud to be a member of The Pediatric Physicians Organization at Boston Children’s Hospital (PPOC).